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Folding Studio Adjustable Still Life Fill Light Shooting Soft Light Box with Six Color Back Cloth

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Product information:
 40cm folding studio led three color temperature adjustable

Product Description:
Size: 40cm
Material: EVA (good quality, non-woven background)
Lamp beads: 120pcs imported high brightness LED lamp beads (60pcs white light lamp beads + 60pcs yellow light lamp beads)
LED lamp: increase the LED ring lamp board, the diameter of the lamp board is 32cm, the light is even, and the brightness is large.
Color temperature: 3200k-6000k, color adjustable, fast switching white light / yellow light / white yellow light. The brightness is adjustable in 10 gears.
Interface: 2m cable length, USB standard power supply port, with mobile phone charging head, power bank, notebook power supply, indoor and outdoor use. Unlimited use of the site, easy to carry.

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