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Infrared remote control SLR camera wireless shutter remote control

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Product parameters: 

 Battery: 3V lithium battery (CR2025) 

Working distance: the front unobstructed range is about 5 meters 

Release mode: focus, shooting and bulb (requires camera settings) 

Function Description:  

 Before use, unplug the transparent plastic insulation sheet in the battery compartment, adjust the camera to the remote control mode, and press the remote control to the camera's remote control receiving window. Press the button from the front of the camera to fully support the B door.

   1. Please jump to the remote shooting state before use. 

 2, because it is an infrared remote control, the reason is the same as the TV remote control is a straight line. 

3, the best angle of the remote control is the front of the lens (effective within 5 meters) + 30 degrees to the right, and the original remote control is the same, other angles can not be guaranteed, more suitable for self-timer.

 4. Autofocus is not supported. 

5. The remote control triggers the camera to automatically take pictures automatically.

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