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Voice activated wireless mini bluetooth headset

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[2] Bluetooth 4.1 low power

[3] Song listening time: 10-12 hours, standby time: about 240 hours

[4] Using noise reduction and echo suppression technology, the sound quality in any noisy environment is still excellent

[5] Compatibility: strong compatibility, basically all digital products with Bluetooth on the market can be used;

[6] Lithium-ion battery: 120mAh, working time: 20 days

[7] Color: Black

[8] OEM customization can undertake ODM, customize LOGO according to your needs

[9] Support mode: HSPA2DPhfpAVRCP

[10] The product weighs 8g and is relatively light, and it feels comfortable to wear ears

[11] Transmission distance 10 meters DSP intelligent noise reduction

[12] Support one for two Language prompts Chinese and English voice未标题-1_13.gif


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