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Little Devil EVA Anti-drop Flat Case

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EVA material: pure EVA is a resin particle and a chemical raw material. EVA foam is a foam material in the rubber and plastic industry. Some people call it EVA foam, EVA sponge and so on.
1. Environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless
2. Light weight
3. Non-toxic and odorless
4. Does not contain heavy metals
5. Suitable for children to play
6. Super low temperature resistance (-70C): suitable for freezing environment.
7. Resistant to water, salt and other substances: it can maintain stability in large amounts of application.
Special note: The new product will have a smell when the package is opened, which is the residual smell of the disinfection and cleaning liquid when the manufacturer leaves the factory. It will usually disappear after a few days.
1. This model Kindle Fire7 2015/2017
2. With eye support function, stand steady and easy to use
3. What kind of EVA ring material, no peculiar smell, anti-drop protection.
4. Convenient to carry, can be hand-held, especially suitable for children.

5. The packaging is OPP simple packaging Fire7 2015/2017--190 grams

Product size: L180*W210*H30 mm

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