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Style: 1M, Color: Green - Electric vehicle special lamp

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A lamp suitable for night market lighting; the voltage of the light belt is 12V; each set of light belt is equipped with a converter 36V-72V to 12V; it can drive a 120W light belt; it can be a 10-meter lamp
Voltage: 36V-72V is used for electric vehicles and electric tricycles; because electric vehicles are composed of 3 batteries to 6 batteries; a battery is 12V; a group of three is 36V; a group of 4 batteries is 48V; 5 One battery is 60V; six batteries are 72V; cable group: the length of the cable is 5 meters; add a special converter of 36 to 72V; the T-shaped socket is directly inserted into the charging port of the electric vehicle; convenient for every customer!
Light strip specifications: The light strip 5CM is composed of 3 lamp beads; each lamp has 60 lamp beads; the length is 5 meters; using 5050 three-core high-bright lamp beads imported from Taiwan;  

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