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Star projector lamp USB baby sleep light bedroom ball light

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Product Name: Small Star Light

Product configuration: USB cable, with the stars and moon, send the underwater world lampshade

Product Name: 1652 small ball star lights

Product No:C00523

Product size: 12*12*10.3CM
Light source: LED light source, power: the middle warm light: 0.8 watts, the power of the next three lights is: 0.6 watt

Lamp power: 150 mAh
Input voltage: DC5V
Product switch: button switch
Product material: environmental protection ABS

How to use: 1. Main switch button (Small reminder: There is a turn-on indicator light below the main switch button)

2, color light button: a total of 8 kinds of lantern effects can be controlled, long press 3 seconds to turn off the lights

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